Business cards that pop

Business cards that pop

Why Graphic Design and Branding Are So Important for Your Business

Ashley Gray

If you walk down a busy high street and look at the shops on either side of you, you will see various signs of all shapes and sizes. These signs represent the organization's brand as part of a concerted effort to help the business stand apart and convince prospects to enter. 

It is critically important for any business to build their brand properly and ensure that they convince other people that they are trustworthy, professional, experienced, and capable, so much effort must be put into brand development. If you could use help with branding, here is some insight into creating a consistent and eye-catching design.


While your brand can be represented in many different ways, the visual impact is crucial. Ensure that you have a powerful and strategic logo and that all of your other design elements flow from there.

Graphic Design

Graphic design today is a mixture of art and science, and the designer has many different tools at their disposal. They use powerful software programs that will help them to come up with the perfect picture. You need to engage with a designer and tell them exactly what you hope to achieve, and underline the most important elements of your product or service. The designer will then seek to incorporate these elements into a design that will stand out and make a difference.


Your logo will need to deliver a message in a very short amount of time. Often, you'll only have a second or two to get that message across and convince the prospect to pay further attention. In this time, you'll need to convince them that you deliver the best quality products or services and that you are trustworthy. All of these elements can be incorporated into a first-class logo, designed by an experienced artist.


Ensure that your logo can be reproduced in a variety of different places and sizes. It will need to look equally as good when you print it on a business card as it does on the sign outside your store, and this is not always easy to achieve. However, a good designer will use their experience and knowledge to get this right.


Don't underestimate the power of your brand and design policy in helping to unite your employees behind the business. If you do this right, they'll be proud to wear a uniform that carries your logo and colour scheme.


Finally, ensure that your approach is consistent. Your logo and branding must be identical, no matter where they are reproduced or printed. You will need to extend this design to your website, vehicles, print advertising, business cards, or in-store displays.

Talk with graphic designers and printers that understand your sector, have extensive experience in the industry and can help your brand shine.


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Business cards that pop

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