Business cards that pop

Business cards that pop

How Printed Packaging Helps to Sell Food

Ashley Gray

It is commonly said that people eat with their eyes as well as their stomach, which is why restaurants go out of their way to carefully present a meal to even the hungriest of clients. It is also true to say that shoppers are swayed by appearance when they are searching for their food in the first place, and this is why it's important for a food manufacturer to present their product well. These products can typically be contained within a can, a box, a sleeve or a packet, but in every case, it's important to pay particular attention to design. What are some of the different printing methods available for food manufacturers to help them capitalise on this marketing opportunity and sell more of their wares?

Getting It Right

A shopper can often be convinced to buy a particular brand based on the appearance of the food container rather than the taste of the actual product. The package must, therefore, be designed to appeal to the customer while complying with any specific regulations, including legal information.

Different Methods

There are a number of different ways to achieve the same goal using traditional and more innovative printing methods.


Perhaps you can take advantage of digital printing, which is one of the fastest-growing segments due to its relatively low cost, precision and versatility. Here, the image will be transferred to the package using a high-volume laser printer or large format machine. While it costs a little more to set it up in the beginning, overall performance and economies of scale mean that this is a more efficient method.


Alternatively, offset printing can be applied using more conventional methods. An image is transferred onto a cylinder with a laser beam, burning it to the surface. Ink is then applied selectively through a roller mechanism alongside a special film, which ensures that the ink does not enter the clear areas.


You may be able to use a flexi rubber or plastic plate, especially when it comes to printing on flexible packaging for specific types of food. This can be used for disposable items, corrugated containers or certain types of beverage cartons, as well as food wrapping.

Choosing Your Solution

Once you have a particular product design in mind, talk with your printing supplier to see what method would be best in your case. You may be able to take advantage of several different solutions depending on your ultimate requirement, budget and flexibility.


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