Business cards that pop

Business cards that pop

Key Features To Bear In Mind When Contemplating A New Photocopier

Ashley Gray

Purchasing a photocopier for your business is a significant investment that you can make. However, purchasing a photocopier is not simply about choosing the first affordable piece of equipment that you come across. Instead, you need to bear in mind what features would be prudent for the productivity of your business to ensure that you are making an investment that serves you over time. Additionally, knowing what features would help you the most would make it easier for you to whittle down your options. So what are some of the key features that you should bear in mind when considering the purchase of a new photocopier at your business?

Consider the output of the photocopier 

When looking for a business photocopier, the first thing you should do is consider equipment that would be able to keep up with the printing demands of your business. A mistake some business owners make is assuming the larger the equipment, the higher the volume and the more professional it will be for their office space.

The reality is that basing your decision on this could translate into increased utility costs for your business, as the machine will be using up more power than is necessary for a small business. Instead, factor in the size of your business and the average number of copies you make in a week to determine what capacity would be most appropriate for you.

Consider colour printing or monochromatic printing

Another feature that you should bear in mind is if you want a photocopier with colour printing capabilities or if your business can function with a monochrome printer. Colour printing is a popular option for some business owners.

However, this would only be beneficial to your business if you are in the habit of printing out presentations, marketing items, images and more. If all you use the printer for is text, then a black and white printer would be a better solution for your needs. This is because there would be no point to having a colour printer whose features will rarely be used by you and your employees.

It should also be noted that colour printers tend to be quite expensive and would require routine refilling of their colour cartridges, which can lead to additional operational costs for your business. If you are looking to keep your costs low, a black and white printer would be ideal for you.


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