Business cards that pop

Business cards that pop

Three Guidelines for Selecting an Office Multifunction Printer

Ashley Gray

If you are thinking about upgrading the printing set-up in your office, you should consider installing a multifunction printer. This device is favourable because it combines the functionality of multiple office machines, including the copier, printer, scanner and sometimes, the fax machine. The option is ideal because it will allow you to consolidate your equipment, saving space and reducing operational expenses. Moreover, you will improve convenience and even streamline the workflow. Consider these simple guidelines when shopping for the best results.

Assess Your Requirements

You should know the requirements of your office with regard to printing and related tasks before making your purchase. In simple terms, consider the features of this multifunction equipment in relation to your needs.  You should consider whether you require a colour capable machine as opposed to the monochrome alternative. If you will need to print photographs or coloured documents, this choice is crucial. Also, evaluate the number of documents that the machine will need to process and output as well as the total users in the office. If the amount of work is higher than recommended for the printer, the new asset will fail prematurely.

Know the Cost Implications

When shopping for your new printer, it is critical to understand the cost implications. In general, there are different cost factors that you should evaluate. The most obvious is the initial price of purchase. A multifunction printer is typically expensive, especially when compared to the cost of a normal printer. However, you should not only look for a bargain before selection. Ideally, you should make certain that the price is fair compared to the features and other similar printers in the market. Additionally, consider the long-term operational costs of the printer. You should choose a printing machine with few maintenance requirements, easily accessible components and intuitive usability. This will limit long-term costs.

Check the Connectivity Features

An ideal office printer should be designed for easy integration into your existing network. Simply speaking, you should choose a device which can be easily plugged into your office connection and configured for immediate use. Also, the printer should be compatible with the desktop applications and document repositories which you typically use in the business. You should also ensure that the manufacturer will provide the appropriate web-based software to keep your machines updated.

Finally, choose a multifunction printer that can multitask. Users should be able to access different functions simultaneously for maximum efficiency.


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