Business cards that pop

Business cards that pop

Wireless Printers: Offering Office Connectivity And Much More

Ashley Gray

Printers have come a long way over the years. Today, modern printers will offer you faster printing speeds, better colour quality, better ink economy, automated printing, and even duplex printing. Modern printers can offer you even more: wireless printing. If you are looking around for a new printer for your office, you can enjoy numerous benefits by procuring a unit that has wireless function.

Print directly from mobile devices, tablets or cameras

One of the most evident perks of having a wireless printer in the office is that anyone can print directly from handheld devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and even cameras, so long as they have Wi-Fi function. In this modern era, a lot of information is relayed via mobile devices, e.g. documents, images, invoices, quotes, etc. Thanks to wireless printers, such information can be printed directly without transferring it to a PC first. This is fast and highly convenient.

Easy and fast installation

Another benefit of a wireless printer, and one that you will notice immediately you get the unit to the office, is that it requires very little installation. All you need to do is connect it to the power source. The unit can then connect wirelessly to the internet and to other devices. No cabling is required. You do not even need a USB cable. This makes installation fast and easy. You don't even need a professional to do it for you.

Better office aesthetics

The need to connect devices around the office tends to undermine indoor aesthetics a great deal. With cables running all over the floors, ceilings and desks, an office can look unkempt. Thanks to wireless printers, all of this can be avoided. And if your wireless printer has multifunction capabilities, you can fax and scan remotely as well. The result is that your office stays neat and professional looking.

Fewer connectivity hassles when printing

Traditional connectivity via cables is notorious due to rampant issues such as broken cables, disconnected cables, insufficient cable length, and so forth. With wireless printers, these problems can be avoided for good if you stick to using the Wi-Fi function. You can print seamlessly from anywhere inside the office and even remotely via cloud printing. So no more printing delays or pesky connectivity repairs.

Of course, a wireless function printer can allow you to print via other alternatives too. Apart from using the traditional USB cable, some units allow you to print directly from a flash drive.


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Business cards that pop

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