Business cards that pop

Business cards that pop

Why You Should Customise Your Business Labels to Build Your Brand

Ashley Gray

Business labels may seem like a strange place to start to build the profile of your business, but as you build your business it is prudent to remember that it isn't only first impressions that count. Although making a striking first impression is important to attract customers, solidifying this impression in the mind of your customers is essential to build a repeat client base. A cohesive marketing strategy, with a recognisable brand at its heart, has the dual purpose of giving a great first impression and solidifying your brand in a customer's mind. Choosing the right business labels really can set your business apart from the competition.

The Importance of Business Labels

Strong branding is one of the best marketing tools that a business can have. If your brand is distinctive and recognisable, your business is more likely to be remembered, leading not only to new customers but to lucrative repeat business. It is not only branding through adverts and logos that help a business become memorable, but the little things - such as business labels - that really do make a real difference towards a customer's feelings towards, and memory of, a business.

Using business labels as part of a sleek and cohesive marketing strategy is a simple, and cost-effective, way to become memorable to your customers. Well-considered business labels can cement someone's positive thoughts about a brand, whereas poor quality business labels can have a detrimental effect on the feelings a customer is left with after dealing with your business.

The customisation of business labels is essential: the small details often leave a big impression with a customer. Attention to detail, through an item such as business labels, shows your business to be thorough and considered, which are important qualities to both potential and repeat customers.

Designing the Business Label

Customisation of business labels can be undertaken in a variety of ways dependent on the needs of your business. Primary consideration should be given to the colour of the label and the font used for the featured text. If your business uses a common font throughout its marketing materials, it is essential that the same font be used on the business labels you choose. Similarly, any colours that are instantly recognisable as part of your business' brand should be employed on the business labels.

Where possible, your business logo should feature prominently on your business labels. Dependent on your business, and your logo, it is easy to include the logo as either the background image of the business label or as an icon that sits alongside the text featured on the label. By including a strong, instantly recognisable, logo for your business on your business labels, a customer is immediately able to identify your business and build a positive association with your brand.

The little things do matter to customers looking to choose a business to deal with or buy from. By choosing to pay attention to the business labels you use, your business could grow and flourish with new, and repeat, customers. 


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Business cards that pop

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